Repositioning & Reinventing Careers

The economy over the last few years has been a challenge to many businesses and many individuals. With layoffs and companies going out of business, many talented professionals are struggling to re-position themselves in the marketplace.

The average adult now has at least three careers before retirement. Ed is no exception. He has been a meteorologist, a State Senator, and has owned and operated multiple businesses including two high-tech companies.

Ed has had great success helping his clients “reinvent” themselves or take their skill set and reposition them in the marketplace. In short, he is been there and done that and can help you do the same.

Most of us never even take a careful analysis of the breadth and depth of our skill sets. Ed will step you through that process and show you how you can take those skills and merchandise them to the marketplace.

He won’t just instruct you – he will work with you step-by-step to ensure your path to a new professional life or career is perfectly suited for you.