Media and Interviewing Skills

Media interviews from the broadcast press happen most routinely with political candidates, high profile people with a topical opinion, attorneys representing a trial of public interest or a physician on a hot medical subject.

However, the worst case scenario – a business person with a crisis on their hands. Each of these people can prepare in advance for that surprise interview. Ed Phillips, gives individuals the tools they need to appear in control, poised, knowledgeable and unafraid. Expect to learn:

  • Why never to say, “no comment”
  • The best ways to avoid being misquoted.
  • When to agree to an interview and when not to.
  • How to do the interview in the most favorable turf.
  • How to tell the media to “Go to hell” and have them enjoy the trip.
  • How to get the media to ask you the questions you want to answer.