Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Almost everyone in a profession or in business is called upon to speak at one time or another and most of you have probably done it dozens of times. That doesn’t necessarily make it easier and it doesn’t necessarily make you better every time it happens. Employee groups, presentations, church groups, small award ceremonies or standing up before hundreds as you make your case for increasing your nonprofit’s donor base, rallying the troops at a multi-level event or addressing a high school or college class – all terrify, or at least unsettle even those with some skill.

After 30-plus years of addressing hundreds and thousands of people in various venues, Ed Phillips has learned a few tricks. When he works with clients, he looks at the entire process and then gives them tips to help with the areas where they feel less secure. This ongoing coaching will help you do well, improve and eventually dazzle your audience. From the content to the way you project your voice and dress – everything is important. Ed Phillips helps speakers overcome shyness, master the venue and whether follow-up is important.