Business Marketing & Media Handling


If you are an owner,  manager, or sales professional, you are always looking for new and creative ways to keep a steady stream of leads. You want to add new qualified customers and to keep your current customers ordering.

Sometimes that kind of answer comes with an objective look at your business, your product, your competitors and even yourself. Ed Phillips is the kind of  coach and consultant who can hold up a mirror to help identify the strengths – then use those strengths to develop tactics to grow your business.

Ed Phillips brings an energy to the process that can help rejuvenate your enthusiasm and open your eyes to opportunities that might have been right in front of you all the time.

Business marketing is not brain surgery but it is astonishing at the number of companies that don’t follow three simple steps:
What is your message?
What market are you trying to reach?
What media are you going to use to get that message to your market?

Ed will help you with the correct strategy of a business marketing program then show you the steps to take to make it successful. Most importantly, Ed will keep you from making expensive mistakes.


The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

When handled right the media can be a powerful tool in getting the word out and even helping grow your business. Ed will show you what it takes to have the best odds for getting the message out that YOU want to get out.

The flip side of this is when the media smells blood or goes on a tear. Your business and you need to know when to push back and how to do it. You also need to know when the time is right to not get caught up in a media frenzy.

Ed will show you examples of companies that have made catastrophic mistakes in their businesses and others that have taken a seemingly hopeless situation and turned it into a strong positive. He will have specific suggestions and tactics for you to handle all likely media coverage outcomes.