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    Announcing: The Top 20 Ads and Brands of 2013

    What Do You Buy from These Companies?

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    Ace Metrix has put out their list of the winning advertisements and brands of 2013.

    The rankings were NOT done by advertising or media pros but by over 500 real consumers. This company is serious about their rankings: They have previewed over 30,000 commercials in 85 different categories. Impressive.

    But who won as the best brand and advertisement in 2013?

    Google was named brand of the year. They got the top honor because of a 90 second commercial they did entitled “Google Zeitgeist | Here’s to 2013″

    A link to the winning ad is below but before you watch, think about how the ad makes you FEEL and what ACTION it makes you want to take. Come back after you take a take a look to find out how this applies to your business.

    The winning Google ad is below. Full list of winners link is at the end.

    I felt better after I saw the ad, didn’t you?

    It is wonderful to have a gigantic budget to spend on brand advertising. Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and hundreds of other large companies have been doing brand advertising for years.

    Branding is why McDonald’s golden arches are more recognized worldwide for food than the cross is recognized as representing Christianity!

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Google. It is a Premier Brand. They already have my mail and calendar and I love Google hangouts. Google is practically a part of my family.

    BUT, this is not about Google. This is about building a brand or making sales.

     Feel Good or Sell

    The methodology that Ace Metrix used to rank these ads includes words like this:

    • Desire
    • Relevance
    • Information
    • Attention
    • Change
    • Likeability

    You can see for yourself here is the link:

    More important is what you do not see in the methodology. Here are words you WILL NOT find.

    • Buy
    • Sell
    • Free
    • Sale
    • Benefits
    • Customer

    Look at the above list. None of those SALES action words are in the methodology Ace Metrix used for determining the best ads and brands of 2013.

    Smart salespeople will tell you that selling is a transfer of emotion. I agree and there are plenty of emotional words in the first list.

    The Disconnect

    Just because you find an advertisement relevant, it gets your attention and it is likable does not mean that someone is going to buy something from you. That is the Disconnect. To get a sale you have to ask – a call to action.

    Liked or Profitable?

    I have been telling my clients for years that with an unlimited budget you can build a “brand” and get people to “feel good” about your company, product or service. I also quickly remind them:

    “Do you want to be liked or profitable?”

    Most businesses need customers and sales now! They need to grow their businesses FIRST. This will automatically build your brand while you are getting those new customers. You have to have the right message, get it to the right market, and use the right media (including the Internet).

    Be Careful

    When you want to increase sales get more customers or create some kind of action from your target market be careful how you spend your resources.

    Ask these questions:

    • Is this ad going to deliver the message I want to get across?
    • Is this ad going to go to the right people in my target market?
    • Will the ad bring direct response from my customers or clients?
    • Can I measure the client response in terms of dollars and cents?

    If the answer to any of the above is “NO”, be careful! You may be “brand” building and not earning new customer or client.

    What are you doing with what I call the “media matrix” in your business, growing sales or branding?

    You can also find the complete list of “Winning” brands from Ace Metrix here: