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  • Road Sign Test

    Take This Road Sign Test to Help Connect with Your Clients

    Take 5 seconds and look at the picture below.

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    This is a street sign I found in my neighborhood by an elementary school. If you are driving the legal speed of 25 miles per hour you might have 5 seconds to figure this thing out.

    No Stopping Anytime

    What to Do?

    Quick. Do you park your car or not?

    Most people, and I’m including myself in most people, would just say I’m going somewhere else and park because there might be a cop around and I don’t have time to debate exactly what the heck the sign means.

    Clients are the same way. The confused mind just says no or goes elsewhere.

    These are what I call Communications Disconnects.

    Part of getting clients and keeping clients is to not confuse them. Answer all of their questions. Give clear instructions. Be as specific as you can about recommendations. Even better, memorialize everything in writing.

    Remember the Chinese Proverb:

    “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”

    Remember also:

    Many clients are confused, wary or maybe even frightened by business and certain professions. Clarity in communication brings confidence in you and your office. Clients will keep coming back and tell their friends good things about you when they have a high level of confidence.

    Communication Disconnect Questions

    Ask yourself these questions about your business:

    • When your office phone is answered, is the client hearing the “image” you want to deliver?
    • When your client sees your office in person does it match their level of expectation of your service?
    • When you serve your client does your pricing match your service?
    • Does your pricing match the value you are delivering?

    If your client or prospect senses a communications disconnect from you or your office it is a lot more likely they are going to “park” their business somewhere else. Clarity in your communications will keep more clients with you.

    Disconnects are Everywhere

    From my years in the communications business I see communication disconnects everywhere! My example of the street sign is just one of many disconnects that we experience in our everyday life.

    Most people now only listen to the radio when they are in their cars. Think about the advertisements on the radio. Research has shown for decades that it is extremely hard to get you to remember WHAT a commercial is trying to sell you and HOW you can buy it.

    The long-time solution to this problem is through repetition. In the broadcast business this is called frequency. In the advertising business it’s called revenue because the more money their client spends on advertising the more money the advertising agency makes! A disconnect—the agency is making money and you aren’t getting the bang for the buck.

    Television is only slightly different. On television most commercials do very little to actually get you to buy product. You might see beautiful scenes of mountains and trees and people doing goofy things or computer-generated images that have no relation to the product or service.

    This type of advertising is called brand building. Branding has little to do with the advertising getting the customer to buy the product. Branding is fine if you have big-dollar advertising budget, but for most advertisers it is out of financial reach. By the way the mistakes made when advertising on television may be 5 to 10 times more costly!

    Yet another disconnect—a lot of expenditure with little return on investment!

    Your Client Communication

    Think about the various ways you communicate with your clients:

    • Fax
    • E-mail
    • In Person
    • Telephone
    • Regular mail
    • Social Media

    Are you sending the right message using the right medium WITH CLARITY to your clients and prospects?

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