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  • Marketing That Never Goes Away

    Marketing That Never Goes Away

    Ed Phillips Almanac Back Cover

    Ed Phillips
    Unseasonably Cool

    The joke was on ME when...

    my friend Walt held up this picture in front of me. 

    My first question was: ”Where the heck did you find that?” Then I realized he had dug up one of my books and it was the back cover 

    He flipped it over and showed me the front cover. That's when it dawned on me.

     It was the 1996 Edition of my "Ed Phillips Arizona Almanac".

    After we had a nice laugh, the memories came back to me. The Ed Phillips Weather Almanac is a publication that I wrote for radio stations for over 25 years. The total number published and distributed over that period of time is over 1 million!

    Throwing a Book Away?

     Walt’s nice surprise made me think about how enduring some forms of marketing are. When was the last time you threw in the trash a hardcover (or even a softcover) book?

     At a lunch meeting I asked a young woman if she had ever thrown a book away.

    At first she said: “Yes”.

    Then I said: “Really? In the trash?“

    Then she corrected herself and said: “No, actually the last books I got rid of completely I gave to charity.”

    In this over-communicated, over-advertised, over-marketed world today most of what we see produced is 100% disposable. Think about it. How many emails that you delete today? How many advertisements did you throw out? On the other hand: How many radio or television shows did you record to save permanently?

    But if someone handed you a book, even a used book, you probably wouldn't throw it away. At a minimum you would likely give it to charity. More likely, you would give it to someone you thought would enjoy it.

    Ed Phillips Almanac Front Cover

    Ed Phillips Almanac
    Front Cover

    A Very Powerful Marketing Tool

    I draw a clear distinction between a published book and a magazine or newspaper. It seems like I am throwing out magazines and newspapers all the time. Not so for my books.

    The book has staying power and is a very powerful marketing tool.

     Imagine if every time you met someone you had a book in your hand and you gave it to that person. Do you think when that person thinks positively of you because of that book?

    It Worked for Me

    I gave out my Almanac free for many years. I can tell you firsthand. It has worked for me.

    Long after I was off radio and television people would still ask me about my book and when the next edition was coming out. When I had my coffee shop, I reproduced the almanac and gave it away free to my customers.

    If there was one thing that I did marketing-wise with my coffee shop that was a huge success, it was that book.

    You Can Do It Too

    Today it is easier to get a book published than ever before now that we have publish-on-demand and a very competitive printing industry.

    The best books for your marketing effort certainly do not have to be the Great American novel. My Almanac proved that. There is an almost 100% chance that you are passionate or an expert in something. Passion and/or expertise are a great place to start your book.

    A Marketing Goldmine

    Once you have your book published, you now have something that you can give to people in which you come in contact. This will build your brand and your identity.

    One of the first places the traditional media looks for experts in a given area is authors. Watch closely Fox or CNN and you will find that almost every one of their experts has a book under their belt.

    A book is your entrée. It can become a marketing goldmine for you.

    I enjoy showing others how to outline, write, layout and get that book written and published.

    The best part though is when you see people’s eyes when you give them that nice gift that they will really appreciate. The next best part is when someone shows you your book years later from your “Marketing That Never Goes Away”.