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  • Make Your Own Luck

    Three Ways to Make Your Own Luck

    In one of the famous John Wayne Westerns there was the usual imminent gun battle. One of the good guys couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a pistol, so John Wayne took him to a gunsmith who outfitted him with a shotgun.

    The gun battle commenced, of course, and the tenderfoot with the shotgun still couldn’t hit much. A few of the shotgun pellets met their mark but at least the bad guys were scared by the blast! 

    Most businesses take the shotgun approach with their finding customers. They guess at who their target is, fire a blast of marketing or advertising in the general direction of the customers and hope to make a hit (make a sale).

    I visited a local home-owned jewelry store shopping for an engagement ring for my bride just last year. The store was not busy, so I asked the owner what he really likes selling. He didn’t even miss a beat when he said “estate jewelry!” 

    “How do your customers know that you specialize in estate jewelry?” I asked.

    (Insert his blank look here!)

    Though he had been in business for decades he still did not know what his message was to get his customers.

    The same jeweler’s wife was in charge of marketing the store. I told her I had some material I would like to e-mail her.

    (Insert her blank look here!)

    She told me that her employee had an e-mail address but she did not have one of her own!

    These are wonderful people with fascinating estate jewelry people WANT to buy. Even  though they had a message (the best in estate jewelry) they had no confidence in who their market is and no idea how to get that message out.

    In enjoy sharing secrets to making your own luck in business. I show my clients tips that they are able to take back to their business and use immediately.

    One. What is your message? Find out how to sharpen your message and discover how that will make it easier to get more customers that are on target to buy your products or services.

    Two. Who gets your message? Only companies with very deep pockets and to take the shotgun approach to getting their message out. If your budget is limited and you want the best bang for the buck you have to find out what works quickly and then get your word out. More importantly learn  where NOT to spend your time and money on the web. 

    Three. Where do you get your message out? The Internet is only a fraction of the media available get your message out to the right people. There are free or nearly free ways to get your word out. Find out how the media are alike, how they are different and how you can get your message to a lot of people for a small budget.

    These principles and you and your business will be getting new customers and clients from places you never heard of and save money at the same time.