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  • A Simple Card Can Make a Big Impression on Your Customers

    A Simple Card Can Make a Big Impression on Your Customers

    It is hard to get the word out about your business, even to your existing customers. It is those people that you want to keep the most. They already know you and are doing business with you.

    When I had my restaurant, that was a challenge. Even loyal customers do not come to your store every day. They have to have nearly constant reminders that you care about them and want them to come back.

    We sometimes think of television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. as a good way to stay in touch with our customers. Actually, that is usually not a good strategy. There are other ways to stay in touch that cost a lot less money.

    ZuZu CafeAn Example of a Place That Has the Right Idea

    ZuZu is a restaurant and café that is in the iconic Valley Ho Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona.

    The Valley Ho is a landmark property that was one of the places to go in Arizona back in the 1950s and 1960s. It fell into hard times, but now has been refurbished and they have done one heck of a job. They have captured the feel of the heyday and combined it with a fresh, updated look.

    After a nice lunch, the bill came, including the card that you see. They did a lot of things right when they put this card together and did not spend a lot of money.

    ZuZu Card Front

    On The Front of The Card:

    • They included their website and phone number

    • They captured the look and feel of the restaurant

    • They were able to promote their happy hour and the chef’s table

    • They let you know that they were on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    ZuZu Back of Card

    On the Back of the Card It Gets Better:

    • You can fill in your name and email address and birthday

    • You can leave a comment like the traditional comment card

    • You will then be added to their newsletter and information list

    Zuzu took that tired old comment card that we have seen a million times updated it and used it as a way to build their mailing list. Do you think I will be back? You bet. They did a good job and I will tell others.

    ZuZu gives us a good example of how you can market your business and build your list on a very small budget.

    Almost Every Great Idea Can Be Made Even Better

    Anything that is handwritten is an problem. About half of the  handwriting you get from customers is illegible.

    Scan or Click to Contact EdI suggest that when they do a reprint they print a QR code like you see here on the card. You can scan that code with your smart phone and it will take you directly to a webpage. There you can type in the information which dramatically reduces the number of errors.

    By the way, if you scan this QR code with your smart phone. It will take you right to where you can sign up to make sure you stay on MY mailing list. And yes, you can make comments too. You can also click it to go there as well. You can also Click Here.

    Oh and one more thing, just like they say on their card I will never share your information.

    P.S  QR codes are in the public domain, which means QR Codes are free! You can get a free QR code automatically made for you at this website: