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  • A FREE Secret to Multiply Your Media

    Oh Boy, Valpak Came Today!

    Valpak Envelope Seriously, you can see how excited I was by the way I ripped open the envelope. Where else can you look at over 60 ads at once in full color!

    I like looking at the local ads to see what businesses are at least trying to use print to market their products and services.

    But what I really like is secret way to multiply what you get from a tiny fraction of those ads.

    Valpak Ads60 Ads and Only 2 Stand Out

    Out of the over 60 ads that came in the mail only two did something to stand out from the others.

    To the credit of the other 58 ads they did at least have some sort of an offer: a sale price, a discount, a special offer, etc.


    The Two Ads that Stand Out

    The Two Ads that Stand Out

    The two ads that stand out can take you to the internet where you can use audio, video and other web interaction to boost your bond (and sales) with a potential customer.

    Let Me Back Up For A Second

    Today with what is called analytics, you can tell, NOT WHO has actually visited your website but WHAT TYPE OF DEVICE they have used to visit your website.

    On my website,,  about 75% of my traffic is from desktop computers. I was shocked to learn that 25% of my traffic is from handheld devices like your smart phone, or your tablet.

    Multimedia Works Best

    The best forms of communication are those that appeal to multiple senses.

    You can see and feel a newspaper, but you cannot listen to it.

    You can see and touch a printed advertisement, but you cannot listen to it or see a video or sign up for a freebee.

    But actually, yes you can.

    More Business to You Free

    There is an amazing little device called a QR code. QR stands for Quick Response. You can read about the history of it here on Wikipedia. I actually mentioned it in my last blog article here.

    Scan this QR code and it will take your smart phone or table to Ed's Contact page

    QR Code Example

    This nifty little code is absolutely free. It is 20 year old technology that is an image that can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet.

    To get a free image made for you just go to a website such as QR Stuff.

    Type in where you want a device redirected and it will give you a little graphic that looks something like this.

    The web site makes your free QR code and you download it to your computer. From there you put it in an ad as a simple image.

    The cool thing is not only can you go to a website but you can also have it open up an email or even a telephone number. Pretty cool, huh?

    Multiply Your Media

    In the Valpak mailing I got only two of the 60 ads actually had a QR code on them. Only two of those merchants encouraged me to use a smart phone or pad to go directly to their website. Once a potential customer is on the web you can only imagine the opportunity you now have to get your message to them.

    You have now multiplied your media for no extra expense!

    Before you run away and say that will not work for my business, ponder this:

    If you are on a tight marketing budget, why not multiply what you have?

    If none of your competitors are using this little secret, why not you? Why not attempt to embrace that portion of the market using tablets and smart phones?

    You may be the only person asking for their business and that is a very good position in which to be.

    Let me know if there is some way I can help you with this technology. My telephone number is 480-648-5599.

    Here are examples of my QR codes:

    Scan this code to go to my website Ed Phillips

    Ed Phillips Web Site

    Ed Phillips Web Site










    Scan this code to send me an email.

    Click or Scan to send Ed Phillips an E-mail

    Ed Phillips E-Mail










    Scan this code to bring up my phone number on your pad or smart phone.

    Ed Phillips Phone

    Ed Phillips Phone